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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Doing My Duty, Sir!

  • Gizoogle
  • Paris Hilton's cell phone number
  • The Niggas at DFNCTSC
  • Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers
  • Girls big tit
  • Free big tit sites
  • Jamie Lynn Spears naked

  • not being fluent in HTML, i had to re-copy-and-paste in the code that phin provided for all us foot soldiers in Cap'n basil's campaign against that evil, search-engine result stealin', brit accent talkin', lime-suckin' crumpet munching limey, also known as Sortapundit.

    i hope to learn how to do it myself soon, but for now i have no shame in relying on my betters to do the planning, plotting and coding, and am proud to follow my Cap'n into battle with all them furriners who wish to steal search results from good ol' American bloggers.

    and i am also proud to fight alongside the bravest bloggers (and commenters) that ever hurled a good-natured insult at an enemy.

    that is all.