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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thanks Again, basil!

anyone that may have visited my site in the last day or two may have noticed that my sidebar was not exactly on the side of my blog.

anybody that bothered to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page would have noticed that all my sidebar stuff was down at the bottom of the post section. weird.

so, i did what any new blogger would do (after looking through the help section, that is), i emailed my blog-dad. i thought "basil will know what to do!"

you must know one thing, however. we live on opposite ends of this great country of ours, he works days, and i work nights. so, about the only time i have to communicate directly with him is between 2:00 am my time (5:00 am his time)and whenever he has to leave for work. by then, i'm at the end of a long night of working and trying to figure out this blogging thing, my mental faculties fading fast, and he's fresh as a daisy at the beginning of a new day.

anyhoo, with blogger templates flying from here to there, being checked, modified, sent back, re-pasted, re-emailed, rechecked, tested in new blogs, and all kinds of mean and nasty things(Alice's Restaurant reference for all too young to have heard the song), we finally decided that the best thing to do would be to send my password, and let him look through the blog for content problems.

and, he found it! not that i'm surprised, mind you, but just happy that he'd take the time, on Easter Sunday even, to look through my blog hard enough to find that on one of my (pathetic) little headline posts, i had copied and pasted a link that was missing a " in the HTML that caused the post to be wider than the DIV container, and caused the container to expand to the point that the sidebar DIV container didn't have room to display properly, so it was shoved down to the bottom of the page. i have to watch for those " 's.

he even fixed the link, rather than just deleting the offending line of code. and didn't use my site to pimp his blog like he could have done. and has in the past ...

what did i learn from this?

1: computers are very, very tempermental and complicated
2: learn more of the technical stuff so i can spot a funky link better before i use it
3: i chose the right blog-dad! not only for his humor, and his tech knowledge, but also for his patience with annoying blog-children!

thanks again, basil!