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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

5 Questions For Big Sister (who is 5'4")


big sister (who is 5'4") has answered the questions...sort of. since all of you that visit my blog have been to basil's already, i doubt i need a trackback.

congratulations, Big Sister (who is 5'4") ! as the first commentor on my interview meme answers, you win a moment in the spotlight!

Question # 1:
We all know that basil and your sisters (5'6", anyway) love to tease you about the mistakes you made while learning to cook, but then always say that you are an excellent cook. What is your favorite dish to make (besides the ones that you have already shared, that is) ?

Question # 2:
Your favorite: White, milk, or dark chocolate? and why?

Question # 3:
You have just won a contest from a local auto dealership and have two choices of a brand new vehicle: a sweet little convertable sports car or a more practical full-size pickup truck. Both are of equal value. Which would you choose? and why?

Question # 4:
In no particular order, what are the top 5 things that make you happy?

Question # 5:
Two weeks off. No responsibility. No cares. Where would you rather spend the time: a) Hawaii, b) California, c) New York City, d) Home, Sweet Home? and,of course,why?

there's your 5 questions. answer them on your blog, and i'll link to your post (if i can figure out this trackback thingie, that is!)

and of course, you are bound by the law of the meme to pass it on to as many commentors as you like, and then you can make up the questions!

have fun!