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Friday, May 13, 2005

Headlines 5-12-05

Tom DeLay Says Democrats Have 'No Class"

Fat Albert Sues Over Use Of His 'Intellectual Property'

Wal-Mart misses mark, Target earnings jump

Wal-Mart was aiming at Target earning's knees

Firefox Update Fixes Critical Security Holes

IE jealous

Microsoft, Phillips team on digital entertainment

Customers guaranteed to be "screwed"

University Makes Bid to Run Los Alamos Lab

University of Tehran's Bid Rejected

Blow to spammers

Should definitely be followed by more of the same

Tino's Taters Turn Around Career, Yankees

Martinez's New Garlic Fries Booth A Success, Draws Lots More People To Stadium

Engineers Try to Free Mars Rover From Dune

Muad'Dib Unwilling To Give New Toy Back

CT Scans Show What King Tut Looked Like

Ironically, Just Like Steve Martin

hah! you have the song stuck in your head now, don't you?

Archaeologists Find 2,000 Year-Old Shoe

Also Find 2,000 Year-Old Dog Crap Stuck To Bottom Of Shoe

Gun Safety Class in S.C. Ends With a Bang

Hmmm. I Should Take More Gun Safety Classes...

well, on that note, i will end this headline post.

see you all tomorrow!