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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Headlines 5-11-05

Errant Flight Prompts Capital Evacuations

Everyone In Capital Crapped Their Pants

Gates outlines his vision for Windows Mobile

Wants to make it even cooler than the Weiner Mobile

Japanese hostage may have died from wounds

Wounds certainly didn't help his chances of survival

Scientists develop robot capable of replicating itself

Cyberdyne is born...robot says "I'll be back"

Battle of the titans, Round 2

First round was just a "Clash"

Europe falls for third straight day

Is wondering when it will finally hit ground

The Rolling Stones announce new tour

Of prospective nursing homes

Salma Hayek enjoying Cannes jury duty

Hmmph. at least someone likes it.

Arena obesity drug yields good data

Scrawny Arena Football players happy to bulk up without steroids

34 Bases on Worst Toxic Waste Sites List

Hmmm....No Mention of Area 51...

Perez to Replace Carp as Kodak CEO

phin is upset, vows revenge

Iran to announce resuming nuclear fuel work

Iran is just itching for a "Shock and Awe" demonstration up close and personal

Twin brothers die in fall on Mt. McKinley

Ironically, both landed at same is in Denali....

bad headline policy is still in effect.

U.S. army probes why troops go wild in Columbia

Ummmm...Cocaine and Loose Columbian Women? just a guess.

City hopes to cut crime with scooter ban

Hell's Angels can still kill people, trash bars as long as they ride real motorcycles

Women-only train cars irritate some men

As does Lifetime Network programming

Cat Survives Fire, House Explosion

Only To Be Run Over By Fire Truck

well, that's the headline funny for tonight. eat your heart out, Moe. Just don't forget to salt it first...heh!

Jewish jokes are allowed on this site as long as they are clean and funny.

Don't make me put up a "No Israel Bashing Zone" button up on my blog....

that is all.