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Monday, May 09, 2005


Gay men, heterosexual women react the same to male sex chemical

Also react the same to Lifetime Network programming

WSJ boards the tabloid train

Will feature stories about alien-human hybrids, giant man-eating chickens, as well as financial news

High Expectations For Final Star Wars Movie

Expected To Not Suck As Bad As Episode I

Departing From Norm, President Gets Wiggly

Cliff Also Makes Up Lame Excuse To Escape President

EW Role Call: Jane Fonda

Should Have Read: EWWW! Role Call

Broadway's Plymouth and Royale Renamed

To "Dodge" and "Royale With Cheese"

Alzheimer's Vaccine Research Back On Track

After Wandering Away For A While

Bush visits Georgia, endorses Democratic ideal

Georgia residents still endorse Republican ideal despite President's sudden flip-flop

Cocaine Users Face Greater Risk of Aneurysm

Also Face Greater Risk Of Looking and Talking Like Ozzy

Jackson may not testify at trial

Would prefer to try testicles

yep, bad headline policy still stands.

Pushing PBS to the right

MSM wants its place on the far left back

A GOP Plan to 'Fix' the Democrats

Is Too Late....They Have Spawned Already...

Garner, Affleck expecting

Bad Reviews

Firefox Has Two Critical Security Flaws

IE Thinks About Saying "Neener Neener", But Decides To Not Draw Attention Back To Itself

that's the news for tonight. i hope you got a chuckle or two out of it.

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