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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Even More Headlines

Dissent on Intelligence is Critical, Report Says

White Trash Wednesday members is pissed at "smurt folks"

Well known Clients of Johnny Cochran

Were All Guilty

A Power Vacuum In Iraq?

Hoover opens first store in Middle East

Israeli parliment passes state budget

farts twice, wipes, flushes. then warns citizens "Do NOT go in there!"

Qwest Likely To Continue Pursuit Of MCI

Qwest Seen Buying Flowers and Candy

Report: Pope May Get Feeding Tube

i dare you to pull his feeding tube out. what? afraid of a little lightning? chickens@&t b#%*&@ds

Simpson: Cochran Gave Me My Freedom

That's why he's burning in Hell right about now.

i think i should stop.

that's all for now!