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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sorry, More Bad Headline Humor

Family of accuser weighed civil suit

found to be lighter than business suit

U.N. Study: Earth's Health Deteriorating

About As Fast As The U.N.'s Credibility

China offers Taipei incentives

"Play Nice or We'll Nuke You"

Ailing Pope Stresses Dignity For Ill

Adds:"Don't Even Think About Touching This Tube..."

Supreme Court hears music piracy case

Says: "Not as good as CD, but listenable"

Fill'Er Up With Hydrogen?

Hindenburg Captain Spends Eternity Regretting His Answer

Today's Teens Behaving Better

If They Would Just Pull Their Damn Pants Up

Sleep Study A Pipe Dream?

Depends On What Is In The Pipe

Why We Have Sex


Thief Steals Poop From Woman Walking Dog

Just Read The Article....

1 Killed in Blast at S.C. Duct-Tape Plant

Was Duct-Taped Together for Open Casket Funeral

Making the Most of Mud Season in New England

New England Mud Chowder a Big Hit

North Koreans may be disciplined

With a mushroom cloud

well, that's it for now!