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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Baseball Stuff


thanks in part to J.T. Snow and his 4 hits. one homer short of the cycle. if you know anything about Snow, you'd know that the triple is the hardest one for him to get. you see, he can't run very fast.

but, he makes up for the slow running with the multiple gold-glove winning defensive ability that he has. his feet might not move fast while he's running, but they are lightning-quick to get him to a ball hit anywhere near him, and seem to be able to grow as long as he needs them to be to still be in contact with the base when the runner tries to cross it....

Giants fans love J.T. Snow. ever since his first game in a SF uni, he has demonstrated the famed D that won him all his gold gloves. many a Giants fan that i have talked to, when the team is not doing very well, are all about trading him for a first baseman that has more power at the plate, but can't bear the thought of letting his mastery of his position go to another team.

while he might not be the best batter on the team, when he has an offensive night like tonight, all his batting woes are forgiven, and we appreciate his glove that much more.

/ baseball rant.