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Monday, April 25, 2005

The News

well, i must say that it was a lot of fun doing headlines for basil while he was away on his weekend trip. i imagine my stuff was read by more people on those two days than the whole time i've been posting my funny on this little spot.

but, i have to say..."whew! the pressure is off now!"

so, loyal readers, here is The News.

New Pope Stresses Bonds at Installation

Barry Smashes Television, Blames Media for Stress

Putin bangs drum for Russia's civilising mission

Is looking for bass player

Iraqis Try To Form Cabinet

End Up With Coffee Table

Pope Is Forgetful, Elder Brother Says

Elder Brother Doesn't Remember Saying That

George Lucas Plans Star Wars TV Projects

Will Continue To Milk Cash Cow As Long As Possible

Big question in Wendy's case: Where did finger come from?

Hand is the most logical answer

Liberals pledge millions to help immigrants

Canada's Liberal government to help U.S. Democrats

Springsteen still has 'Devil' inside

Exorcism planned

Opera CEO To Swim the Atlantic

Is thrown overboard by Opera employees

Tammy Faye lost famed lashes to cancer

Years after losing famed husband to prison

Microsoft previews next Windows OS

Considers switching to Linux

Congressional Democrats unveil their vision

Seeing the real world for first time, most become Republicans

hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed scouring the news sites looking for fodder for my warped sense of humor.

and yours.

thats all for now!