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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dude, I Feel So Like I'm Cool!

and for good reason. basil asked me to guest-blog on his site while he's away on the trip his wife planned.

unknown destination, unknown length...i think she might be planning revenge for the chicken comments, if you know what i mean. basil might never come back...

hope she doesn't read this blog......

unfortunatly, i am too busy to help out, since i'm in the process of trying to answer phin's meme about stupid stories.

the good news is, i have a few spare personalities lying around, not doing much to make themselves useful. i'll send one over there to take care of the headlines.

he should be up to the challenge, but he's not as funny as me. after all, i wouldn't want to out-funny my blog-dad, at least not until i'm done learning all this confusing computer stuff from him.

i'm sure that the sisters (5'4", 5'6", and 6'0") can take care of the Catfish business, phin can do the political stuff, and anyone else that stops by to hang in basil's pad can take care of the rest.

well, back to trying to write the stupid story.

that is all.