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Friday, April 22, 2005

YAY! News!

Pumped-up food pyramid

Now includes "flaxseed oil"

Theorists dazzled by 'perfect' liquid

Sit for hours at bar contemplating single-malt Scotch

Out of this world: belt of asteroids circles a sun

Sun asks: "Does this asteroid belt make my butt look big?"

Japan PM Apologizes for WWII Aggression

Says "Sorry We Brutally Murdered, Raped and Tortured Your Grandparents, Now Let's Be Friends!"

Pope gets right to work

Praying hard that he lives longer than John Paul I

Muslims sue US homeland security over border detentions

Included in damages that they seek are lost payoff for their families, cost and labor for building their bombs, and a whole bunch of virgins that they missed out on when they were stopped.

ooooh, yes, that was bad.

but you know my policy on bad headlines.

Missing the sunshine

Title of Michael Jackson's future book

Spain approves gay marriage bill

One third of San Francisco's population signs up for Spanish language courses, applies for passports

Hubris And Spit In Jane Fonda's Face

Hubris Chewing Tobacco Co. To Pay For Vietnam Veteran's Legal Bills

all right, enough for now.

let me know if you laughed!