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Friday, April 01, 2005


Aspirin as good as Warfarin at reducing stroke risk

D-con stocks fall, Bayer rises

Casanova actor seduces the Doctor Who casting agent

Even Hollywood is Backwards these days....

Google takes a big step to expand offerings

For example, now offers two sortapundits

Unfazed Sharapova pulls a rabbit out of her hat

Dumps out rabbit poo, puts hat back on

Former Secretary of State Kissenger undergoes heart procedure

Installation of Heart is Successful

People Pollution is wearing out Earth, study says

Let's recycle the Hippies first, then the rest of the Liberals

Fitter,Well -Rested Clinton Receives Humanitarian Award

Ordered Cheeseburgers And A Cranked-Out Hooker, Was Disappointed

Canada, EU to retaliate against U.S. duties

bring it on.

China Reaches Out to Taiwanese Opposition Party

With A Stick. And We Know Which End Has the Poo On It

In fear, they cast their votes

Kerry lost. get over it.

N.Korea Wants Explicit U.S. Apology Before Talks

One Explicit Apology Has Just Been Launched...more headline funny to come!

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