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Monday, April 11, 2005

Three In A Row!

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sorry, Babaganoosh, but i just had to do it!

anyhoo, the Giants were ahead 3-0 when i had to go to work at the end of the fourth. i was encouraged, but as any Giants fan knows, they have a way of blowing much bigger leads than that. i tried to listen to it on the radio at work, but in between bad radio reception (the FM station that carries the Giants games in my little town is very underpowered, and my workplace is not very good for radio reception in general) and lots of stuff to keep me busy and away from the radio, i missed the rest of the game.

i was thrilled to get home and find, via the Official Website, that they had not only swept the Rockies, but had done so in a very convincing way.

like, 11-4.

now that the Giants have a little momentum going, i'm a bit more confident about the upcoming road trip, and hoping for a little payback against LA.

i'm sure that the Thong Pirate will be a little nervous around 1:00PM Pacific time on Tuesday...


well, that's all the baseball talk for now.


ok, that was all.