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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Giants Win In Extra Innings!

4-3 in the home half of the 13th, off a double by Vizquel. for a 38 year old player that more than one fellow fan thought was too old even for the Giants to pick up, he's been a high point in the season so far.

after losing four straight, two to Arizona, two to the Nationals, i am very glad to see them leave, and also very happy to see Pittsburg and the Rockies come into town. might just gain a few of those games back...not to mention the series after that will be against the Astros, who aren't exactly having a "stellar" season so far (pun intended!).

so what is it with the baseball announcers? how hard can it be to stop calling the Nationals the "Expos" several times a game? can't they see the big "Nationals" logos on all the players jerseys? or, are they all throwing back shots and beers in the broadcast booth when the cameras are off of them? who knows. i just wish they'd pay more attention and get it right.

so, going into tomorrow's (actually tonight's) game, the Giants are back at .500. nothing like a losing streak right on the heels of a winning streak to dampen the enthusiasm, but, as a true fan of my team, i'll piss and moan about how bad they might be doing at the time, but i'm not going to stop wearing the Orange and Black any time soon.

hope to report many more wins to y'all over the rest of the season.