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Monday, May 09, 2005

Today's Headlines!

Wrong Chart Used in Submarine Crash

Also Left Doors Open

A very commercial Crusade

Polite way to explain Looting and Pillaging

British Gas Customers Warned of Third Price Hike

Sortapundit doubles his blogads and shameless blegging

Second Discovery tanking test

Blames Partying All Night and Not Studying for Test

NASA closes in on Mars wreck

Follows trail of empty beer cans

Gas Prices Falling Nationwide

Everywhere But Here

Paleontological Art Available on Internet

As Well As Many Other Forms

Jackson defense hammers at past accusations

M.C. Hammer unavailable for comment

Jennifer Garner's Baby on Board

Child Protective Services Notified

Wrong Woman Buried After Morgue Mixup

Woman Thankful For Being Dug Up In Time

Pizza delivery ends Australian prison siege

Prisoners start new siege to get beer delivered

Study: Mean Girls Start As Tots

The Big Sister (who's 5'4") Agrees With Study

When the scent of a woman - or a man - isn't so sweet

Odds are you are in France

MLB Won't Investigate Bonds

Will Focus On Stocks and Mutual Funds

New Low-Alcohol Wine Targets Women

New High-Alcohol Beer Targets Men

well, folks, that's the news for tonight. as always, feel free to give up the love in the comments.