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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Headlines 5-17-05

Iraq regime forbids raids on mosques

Might hurt terrorists hiding in mosques

2005 Hurricane Outlook

Has sarahk Worried

Everybody Loves 'Raymond' One Last Time

'Raymond' Thanks Viagra For Allowing Him To 'Perform' for Everybody

Federer eyes Wimbledon

Wimbledon says "Get lost, creep!"

What's coming and going on NBC

Network enters hardcore porn arena

Kuwait grants women right to vote

Exactly how their husbands tell them to vote

yes, bad. but most likely true.

Bush Urges Development of Alternate Fuels

Then Invests In Alternate Fuel Companies

Hurricane Forecasters Relying on Public

"Oh, Crap! That Looks Like a Hurricane! Call the Forecasters!"

Professor Details Fight Against Narcolepsy

Fell Asleep 3 Times During Speech

Employee Fired For Drinking Wrong Beer?

When You Drink The Boss's Beer, Yes

Four-nation project begins to map sheep genome

Goal is to produce more attractive sheep

Mountain Dew, Microsoft to give away Xboxes

Now even more kids will be up all night playing video games

well, that's the headlines for tonight. hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoy bringing them to you.