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Friday, August 26, 2005

Headlines? Twice In A Week?

A question that deserves to be answered

Why is Michael Jackson not in prison?

Judge orders convicted sniper forcibly fed

110 or so grains of lead would be a good starting diet...

Major Blackouts In Southern Calif.

Drew Barrymore Says "So What's New?"

California vs. the drugmakers

Dude...can't we just all get along?

Recordings of Rare Woodpecker Presented

Woody regrets getting drunk in kareoke bar

Royal flush

Well, the Queen is human, y'know....

Children Under 2 Won't Need Plane Tickets

Good Thing, Since Most Toddlers Have No Credit Cards To Purchase Tickets With

Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust

Halliburton Blamed

Scientists Try to Harness Wave Energy

Drunken Sports Fans Refuse to do The Wave On Demand

Weather Forecasting Getting More Complex

But, No More Accurate Than Before

that's tonight's installment of headlines! hope you enjoyed 'em!

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