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Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Think I Might Be Beating The Cigs..

the first day on the smaller patch was kinda rough...but the next day, no prob. now i'm not dreading the first day of the third step as much...i think i have the smoking part of the deal kicked, now to wean off the poison itself.

this patch system is pretty cool, i can even sit in the only smoking bar in town (and maybe in all Northern California), and not want to smoke.

or if i do, i can tell myself i don't, and i'm able to listen to myself and not want to smoke.

and, in other good news, the computer itself is becoming less of a smoking trigger for me. where i used to smoke like a chimney while looking for funny headlines to parody, sometimes lighting up a fresh one without even noticing i had half of one burning in the ashtray already, i can now sit down in front of it and read email, surf, play a video game, etc. and not be constantly reaching for the pack and lighter just to find that they aren't there.

just occasionally...hey! progress is progress! i smoked for many years, and i know that quitting isn't fast or easy...junkies and alcoholics are always "recovering" when they aren't using, and i think that smoking is the same.

you're never cured, just in recovery. the only true non-smoker is the one that never lit up one of the f&#*ing things in the first place.

well, thanks again for the support that you, my loyal readers and friends, have given me. i won't let you down!

that's all for now!