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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

4 Weeks!

well, folks, i've made it past the 1 month stage, and am now on the second-step patch.

1/3 less nicotine than the first step. and i can feel it.

i knew this wasn't going to be easy, but i bet it's a damn sight easier than dying in an iron lung, or wasting away from radiation and chemotherapy....

that's what i keep telling myself, anyway.

in better news, i got a new (to me) car! yes, even though i love my little beat-up, ugly as sin but faithful little pickup truck, when my parents bought a new SUV, and offered me their very-well taken care of 93 Ford Taurus for 1 dollar, i just couldn't say no. i hope i won't have to junk the truck, even though i know nobody in their right mind would buy it for anything other than a parts car (has a great alternator!), i'd like to see it do somebody some good.

a co-worker suggested talking to the local high school Auto Shop teacher, see if i could donate it as a project vehicle. that truck would keep kids learning all year long....heh!

or maybe to one of those charities that ends up selling it for salvage, but makes some money to help folks who need it.

if anybody has a suggestion for charities that accept vehicles, let me know!

thanks, and thanks for sticking with me during these rough times.