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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Headlines 12-18-05

Sharon in hospital after suffering stroke

Ozzy stoned, but confident of wife's recovery

New Orleans trollies return

New Orleans trollops aboard them

Plutonium-Powered Pluto Probe Put On Pad

Disney Dog's Derriere Definitely Distraught

How to explain a mini-planet's odd orbit?

Michael Moore De-mystified?

Jessica Simpson Files for Divorce

Who F@#$%&g Cares?

Oddball object circles sun beyond Neptune

Known here in CA as Oakland's mayor, Jerry Brown

Microsoft warns of ‘critical’ flaw

Calls it 'Windows'

1 in 20 Americans Is Not Literate, a National Survey Suggests

Number Soars To 19 in 20, if Teens Using Instant Messenger are Included in Survey

Nomar agrees to deal with Dodgers

Denies that deal was signed in blood at a crossroads...oh, Dodgers, not Devil?...that's even worse!!!

Disclaimer: Although San Francisco Giants fans all agree that the Dodgers are the embodiment of all that is evil, the Devil still officially holds that title

Japanese Get Fat Penguins to Exercise

Gee, That Explains Why Japan Has the Lowest Worldwide Rate of Obese Penguins...

Chicago bar serves up 950 dollar cocktail

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