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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Headlines, maybe?

Abat: 'Revolutionary govt' walang nilabag na batas

Witch Doctor: ooo eee oo ah ah bing bang walla walla bing bang

U.N. Report Focuses on 'Invisible Children'

U.N. forces focus on children they can 'see', then violate them.

Napa' faster, more popular than 'Sonoma' < Intel"

Intel Execs get drunk at holiday party, discuss California wine

Mountain tops nominees

Nominees want reach-around

bad headline policy never went away, by the way...

High gas prices alter driving habits

Some Hillbillies now choose to buy possums rather than hitting their own

14-Day Plan Improves Memory

Dang, forgot the link to the punchline...

Virgin astronauts to blast off from New Mexico

ummmm...insert your own funny here!

as always, keep it reasonably clean, and the key word is FUNNY!

thanks, and visit again soon, before i am a flappy bird or something lower!

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