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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hmmm...Maybe I Live In CA For A Reason...

here, we get an earthquake now and then, a drought on a fairly regular basis, and always an infestation of hippies, surfers, and tourists.

but, no hurricanes, or tornados, i guess that's worth something!

here in CA, were already used to paying the most money for gas compared to the rest of the nation, so the rise in fuel prices due to Katrina and Rita won't make Californians give up their imported gas-guzzling SUV's, the Californians will just continue to bitch about how President Bush and all Republicans created global warming and thusly caused the hurricanes that are now making gas prices higher.

Hmmmm...maybe the title of this post should have been "Hmmm...Maybe I Should Get The @%$& Out of California, and into a Red state"...

as long as it's a hurricane, tornado, and blizzard free area, i might think about it!

pray for the gulf coast, once again!