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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


ah, yes, baseball is truly here. the long months of eager anticipation, just waiting for the season to start so my team can once again make me want to puke.

funny, it usually doesn't happen until late September/early October.....

in case you didn't watch the game, the Giants blew a 8-5 lead badly. Armando Benitez, the new closing pitcher, looked like he had never seen a baseball before in his life. granted, he pitched better than i could have, but that's not saying much. and, i think that Ellison, brought in as a pinch runner for Feliz, and stayed on in left field, probably will not get much sleep tonight.

and what's up with Ledee? he couldn't hit to save his life in a Giants uniform, but put a Dodgers hat on the guy.....GRRRRR!

the beauty of baseball is, there's another chance to beat 'em tomorrow

that is all. i must vomit now.