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Monday, April 18, 2005

Headlines Yet Again!

Hyde Will Retire From Congress

Jekyll will serve out rest of term

More Children Than Ever Going To School Worldwide

Truant Officers Being "Downsized"

Photoshop and Flash: Potent Combo

DC's Fast Superhero Gets New Sidekick

New All-Ham Crew Now Safely Aboard ISS

Hang Sign On ISS That Says "No Jews Allowed"

sorry, that was bad. but i won't take it back. so there.

Food Pyramid Is Changing

Bottom Of Food Pyramid Is Getting Wider

Sharon: A Master of re-invention

She Turned Ozzy From a Has-Been into a drunken, drugged out media hero

Iraqis call for Hussein's death

As do the rest of the world's citizens

Pilgrims watch, wait for smoke sign today

Smoke sign will let them know when the Indians will attack

well, folks, that was the funny for this night.

see you tomorrow.