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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More In The News

Apple to release "Tiger" Mac OS April 29

Will eat "Longhorn" if IT is ever released

Spam on the Side?

"But I don't like Spam!"

Security Patches Everywhere

Especially Backstage At A Dixie Chicks Concert In Jesusland

Mike Tyson Back? Duck and Cover

Your Ears

The Continental Dream: Will The French Shatter It?

No, They Will Run From It

What's a Whale Doing in Trenton? Well, Not the Backstroke

If It's in New Jersey, It's Probably Trying to Beach Itself

Deadly Flu Strain Shipped Worldwide

Captain Trips Makes It's Debut

Bush's U.N. nominee called a "bully"

By weak, whiny, sissy Democrats that he gave Wedgies to while in high-school

Clinton lashes out at gay Republican

Wears leather teddy and high-heeled boots while administering the lashing

Gene Project Aims to Trace Human Migration

Paul and Ace Lend Support, Peter Still Silent

Public To Be Given Access To Pope's Tomb

Update: Pope's Body Parts Now Available For Purchase On eBay

Maurice R. Hilleman Dies; Created Vaccines

Obviously, Not The Right One

i'll stop now.

i hope you laughed, and if you did, let me know in the comments.

if you didn't, bugger off. but still let me know in the comments!


and, that is all.