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Saturday, April 16, 2005

In The News....Once Again

thanks to everybody that likes my headlines!

you keep encouraging me, so i keep doing 'em!

India, Pakistan to discuss Kashmir

India likes Led Zeppelin song, Pakistan doesn't

NASA tests tank on space shuttle

Tank shoots down unarmed space shuttle

Cheney's bucks bigger than Bush's

President vows to never again go deer-hunting with Vice-President

Stumbling toward peace

Hippies go to yet another anti-war rally

DCF found no signs Terri Schaivo abused

Other than the signs of starvation and dehydration

Bird-like eggs found in dinosaur fossil

Could answer the "which came first" question,or, Dinosaurs wish they had bacon to go with the eggs

Internet2 hot

Internet replies "no, u r 2 hot"

Analysis: What If France votes 'no'

Who Cares? We'll Git 'er' Done without them damn Frogs

Cormier regrets plunking Nats' Castilla

Nat is still sore from having his Castilla plunked

Marburg Virus Update

and i thought that Mydoom was bad....

well, that's all for now.

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