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Saturday, April 30, 2005

In The News

this one's for my mom. she has the URL to my site now, so here goes....

Nissan plant to be backdrop for Bush appearance

Gardening enthusiasts in Japan hope that Bush doesn't block sun from Nissan plant

Governor signals he'd welcome Minutemen on California border

Governor signals: "One!" "One!" "One!" "One!" "One!"

Pentagon Does About Face Over Soldier's Coffins

Soldiers In Coffins Upset that Pentagon Is Performing Drills in Arlington

i apologize for that last one to anybody that has lost a loved one in this or any other war.

Microsoft: The Cash Machine

So Say The Nigerian Spammers

'Hitchhiker' Steps Into Big Shoes

Gets Big Blister

Reds or Blues? It's too close to call

Gore still Pissed over losing election

Children in UK among the world's fattest

Munching Crumpets all day long is blamed for problem

Dueling talks mark end of Bush's tour

Bush doesn't want to end up like Hamilton

New tape from terrorist al-Zarqawi

Critics say it sucks as bad as last release

China May Soon Raise Value Of It's Currency

Chinese-Made Goods, However, Will Still Be Cheap And Poorly Constructed

ok, that's the headline funny for tonight.

please feel free to give up the love in the comments!

or, at the worst, an honest opinion of my laugh-producing skills. or lack thereof.

anyhoo, see y'all manana!