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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Where I Got My Sense Of Humor

my mom is just one or two steps above being computer-illiterate. she can email, she can look at the websites in her bookmarked folder, and that's about it.

she could do a whole lot more with her computer, if she would just try. but, she won't.

so, anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago, my little bro informed her that i had a blog. i would have told her myself, but i figured i would get the "deer-in-the-headlights" stare that i usually get whenever talking to my mother about anything technical.

like i'm an expert...i had the same look on my face when basil was walking me (with a whole lot of patience) through installing Blogrolling and a few other things he helped me i said, i'm no expert.

so, i had to explain to her that i didn't have a whole website, but a "blog", just a small piece of a much larger website. i'm too cheap (right now, anyway) to pay for a domain of my own.

she said "that's just what your little brother said you would say."

then we started talking about how the Giants won the day before, and i added that the Dodgers had also lost, and that was such a great day in this season that i had to do a post about it.

my mother, kind and gentle soul that she is, the type of person that wouldn't say "sh*t" even if she had a mouthful of it, looked me in the eyes and asked:

"moehawk, have you been flogging your blog again?"

uncontrollable laughter on both sides, for a couple of minutes at least...the only bummer about uncontrollable laughter is that it never lasts long enough...then she says "you have to use that...."

so i did. i got my warped sense of humor from my mother, and she's damn proud of it.

as am i.

now you know.