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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today's Headlines

for all my loyal readers, this one is for you!

U.S., Brazil discuss trade, Chavez

Chavez will most likely be traded for players to be named later

Floridians free to use force

But can still be jailed for saying "I am your father" in bad Darth Vader accent

Russia to offer Abbas helicopters, armored vehicles

Swedish pop band is grounded, and vulnerable to attack

Schroeder Joins France's EU Campaign

Lucy dumps him, Snoopy bites him, Pigpen calls him a "Filthy Liberal"

hey, folks, you think it's easy to do this?

Abdullah at the Ranch

"Abdullah" translates into "Meanwhile, back"

Europe's Biggest Supercomputer Eavesdrops on Stars

Confirms Britney IS A Skank

that's the news for today. feel free to leave a comment if i made you laugh.