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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Premier steps down from Italy's Cabinet

Italy provided stepladder

Give Pope a chance, opponents urge

Lennon's ghost is pissed over the change in his slogan

Bolton charges 'trumped up' Bush aide says

The Donald denies involvement

Feds target drug scam on Web; 20 arrested

Most were found to be in possesion of c1@lis or v14gra

Microsoft to support Linux

Gates tells Torvalds...."Trust Me"

Ford hauls in $1.2 billion

Now them trucks is strong! I wants me one!

Mystery of Unpopped Popcorn Is Discovered

Thanks To Those Meddling Kids, and that damn talking dog....

LeBron's Super Season Ends On Downer

Today, LeBron Realizes He Never Should Have Taken Barbituates Before Game

Couple Crack Code

But I Don't Care

oooh...that last one was bad! but as usual, i won't take it back!

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