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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sorry, Folks

i'm just too tired to come up with anything funny, or even semi-witty. work has been hell the last few days, with Abalone Season opening, and a bunch of cities that use my little town as a vacation destination are experiencing Spring Break.

more tourists than you can shake a stick at. or hit with a stick.

most are nice people willing to spend some money to get out of whatever city it is that they live in, but some deserve to be hit with a stick.

a big stick.

hope to be back in the blogging mood soon, probably tomorrow, maybe not until Monday (day off! WOO-HOO!) but definitely season opens for my Giants on April 5th.

against the Dodgers, in S.F... should be fun!

i love baseball!

that is all that this weary mind can come up with.



for any of you that clicked the link to find out what an abalone actually is, here's a site that has a few ideas for what to do after you catch the slippery little bastages.

once again, thanks for visiting.