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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yet More Headline News

Speed-record try halted

Ozzy fell asleep

Answers Sought in British Consulate Blast

Police Ask: Who Bought The Beer For You?

Dino Doesn't Want Steak

Fred is Worried, Takes Pet Dinosaur to Vet

Paula Abdul breaks her silence

dang. she didn't shut up long enough.

Nadal wins a Spanish humdinger

Nadal still not sure if that is legal in Spain

FDA to ban gay sperm donors

Gays will continue to donate sperm to each other

Death Row Inmate Dies in Apparent Suicide

Wanted To Save Taxpayers Some Money

Plant could spark boom

Terrorists looking for ways to use newly-discovered herb

well, i'm calling it a night. be sure to check out Moe, Dane, and of course, basil for more headline funny.

goodnight, y'all!