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Friday, May 06, 2005

Headlines Are Back!

Charged with passing top-secret info

Swallowed info in attempt to destroy it

ABC Probes Fox's "Idol"

Fox's "Idol" Sore After Probe

Band Banned From Performing 'Louie Louie'

Will Instead Play 'Sympathy For The Devil'

Natural enzyme helps mice live longer in study

However, mice living in kitchen or bedroom show no benefits from enzyme

Absent husband returns a eunuch

Saved wife the trouble of making him one herself

Sharon joins March of the Living

Ozzy stays home

Scientist, teachers fight for evolution

Want to be the first "crawly amphibian" on their block

Earth Has Become Brighter, but No One Is Sure Why

Ummm, Because The Liberals Are Not Currently In Power?

Out of this world Star Wars bloodbath

Will occur when half of fans arrive on opening night to find that their tickets are fake

Button suspended for next two F1 races

Button still works for F2, F5, and F11 races

Hilton perfect for "Wax" job

Heh! that's as far as i'll go with that one.

Sober.P Worm running wild

Worm drinks it's first beer

Vegan leaning Dinosaur Found in Utah

Was Making It's Way To California When It Died

GM, Ford shift to 'junk'

Combine assets to buy Chevrolet

Taiwanese opposition leader emphasizes Chinese roots

Chinese politicians dye their Taiwanese roots

ok, that's the headlines for tonight.

as always, feel free to give up the love in the comments!

that is all.