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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Headlines 5-19-05

Chronology of the Staines triple murder case

I thought the Staines case had something to do with a dress and Bill bad

Adrian bears down on Central America

Rocky Balboa heads south to find his wife

Grenade tossed at Bush no dud

Unlike the President, if you believe First Lady

Iran adamant on nuke programme

Programmes! Get your Programmes! Can't tell which nuke is which without one!

Space weapons seen as possibility

DOD is reviewing Frank J.'s blueprints for S.M.I.T.E.

Queen says it's good to be back in Canada

Elton John re-visits Toronto, eh?

Google heralds the Desktop Search for Enterprise

Trekkies are thrilled

Selig sells Congress on steroids

Expect bigger, more aggresive Congressmen next season

It's Out With the Old as CBS Cancels 4 Shows

Rather Has Company in the Unemployment Line

U.S. panel backs off ban on women in combat roles

Will experiment with women in combat roles while they are experiencing PMS...First all-female platoon begins combat training next month

Survey: Diabetes patients not watching levels

Survey also says carpenters are

Medical robots start work at London hospital

"Patch-Cord Adams" model is officially released in England

what? you think this is easy or something? i slave all day over a hot CPU just to bring you the funny and all i get is a snicker? oy. i'm going over to Moe's house. at least he understands.

'Vine that ate South' cuts drinkers' thirst

By wrapping tendrils tightly around drinkers' throats

On Senate floor, the battle is on

Dark Side wins...heh!

on that note, this installment of headline news comes to an end.

as always, feel free to discuss my lack of humor in the comments. or tell me if you actually laughed!


that is all.