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Sunday, May 01, 2005

More News

N. Korea calls Bush 'dictator'

If anyone would know what a dictator is, it would be N. Korea

Graham backs Bush on tiered benefits

Democrats call Graham a "cracker"

Legionnaires' killed wife, hosp kept mum

French Foreign Legion, hospital deny charges of wife-killing and mother-kidnapping

Taiwan Opposition Leader Visits Grave

Of His Predecessor

China rolls out red carpet as it hosts a Taiwan politician

Carpet was white before last Taiwan politician visited

Planet Outside Solar System Is Observed

Democrats Waiting For Spaceship To Come From Planet To Take Them Home

Treasury Duck Hatches Ducklings

Right Wing Duck's rich relatives send out birth announcements

Zoo Reverses Vasectomy on Bush Dog

Barney Decides He Wants Puppies, After All

Zoo May Use Animal Waste As Energy Source

Test-Markets Slogan: "Put A Tiger Turd In Your Tank"

Locusts plague highway

Even The Almighty suffers from occasional road-rage

yes, i know. that was bad. get over it. *cringes while expecting lightning strike*

Want a "popemobile"? Yours for $1 million

Pope says "Dude, Where's my car?"

i should stop now. the sky is filling up with dark, ominous-looking clouds....

let me know which ones (if any) made you laugh!

thank you. that is all.