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Sunday, May 01, 2005

More Today's Headlines

U.S. Denounces North Korea After Reports Of Missile Test

Korean Missiles Scored D-, Spent Most Of Test Doodling In Margins

Laura Bush: Take my husband...

Democrats whine: Please!!!!

Sharon welcomes Turkish mediation

Ozzy welcomes Turkish medication

Scientists: Earth's Energy Is Imbalanced

Hippies: Wave A Bunch Of Crystals Around And Chant Wooo-Weee-Oooo To Rebalance Earth's Energy

Red speck is indeed a new planet say astronomers

One astronomer adds "Heh!"

Dinosaur exhibit goes high-tech

Exhibit shows dinosaurs used laptops, Palm-Pilots

Mars Express set to deploy radar

Planetary Express files lawsuit to protect territory

Russian oligarchs consider MG Rover purchase

Would like a Ferrari, but if the price is right...

Debbie Rowe: Michael Jackson Is a Victim of Opportunistic Vultures

Michael Jackson's 'Little Friends' Claim They Were Victims of Opportunistic Vulture

Apple sets Tiger free on public

Jobs cackles evilly as Woods mauls hundreds

Pope Blesses Throngs in John Paul's Stead

Sorry, My Bad. I Thought It Said "Thongs"...

Shuttle Skipper OK with Flight Delay

Says "Better To Come Home Late Than Never"

Skylark Space Program Comes To An End

Plans To Launch A Buick Into Orbit Dashed

Ernie races away with BMW Asian Open

Bert comes in second, is pissed

Green Leads to Blues success

Then Kerry woke up

Laura Bush: First Lady of comedy?

No, I Think That Honor Will Soon Belong To sarahk.

Human-induced greenhouse emissions blamed for global warming

Scientists advise avoiding beans, hot peppers, and hard-boiled eggs if you want to save the planet

ok, i'm done for now.

got to save some funny for tomorrow!

let me know if you laughed.