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Monday, May 02, 2005

Events From Around The World

Task force formed in Los Angeles to crack down on freeway violence

Will beat all violent drivers within an inch of their lives

Chris Gayle hits triple ton

6000 lb. man to become next Weight-Watchers spokesman

Martha Changes Her Recipe

"Use Just A Pinch Less Of Insider Trading, Add A Dash Of No More Voting"

New champ Toney challenges heavies

Heavies more than willing to change his Tone

Veggie Low-Fat Diet Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Also Helps Lower Enjoying Life Levels
pass the deep-fried pickles, please!

Applying Some American Tactics to the British Election

Use Truth, Morality, Intelligence, and Don't Believe the Moonbats

The mind can extend life, study suggests

Unless the mind is deprived of food and water

Power Rangers Meet Pac-Man in 1.7 Billion Deal

Coming Soon On WWE Pay-Per-View

Oil prices slump to 2-month low

So why am i still paying $2.69 per gallon of F%&@*#g gasoline?

Virus preys on World Cup ticket rush

Bush blamed

Heart Patient Dies Day after Cross Country Bike Trek

Ummm, Maybe Should Have spent More Time Rehabbing?

well, that's the funny for this night.

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