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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Back, By Popular Demand....Headline News!

Judge: No pledge in schools

Janitors forced to use other brands of furniture polish

Weiner concedes race, urges unity

Kielbasa, Italian sausage stilll in race, and continue mudslinging

Nintendo unveils simpler game controller

Now children with only one thumb won't feel inferior

This week in Microsoft

More shoddy, bug-filled software was created

Paris Hilton and the Supreme Court

Video expected to be released on Internet in next few hours

New Zealanders Go to Polls in Election

After Going to Sheep-Shearing Barns, Pubs, Grocery Stores, Libraries, New Zealanders Finally Figure it Out

Mice carrying plague missing from N.J. lab

CDC says "Eh, it's just New Jersey..."

Schwarzenegger confirms reelection run

Says "I Shall Return"

heh....i bet you thought i'd say "I'll Be Back.."

no, that line is mine!

I'll Be Back!