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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Headlines! Get Your Headlines!

Microsoft filed lawsuits against phishers

Fans of the band "phish" too stoned to notice

Comedians lighten mood at Jackson trial

Make touching boy's genitals almost seem funny

Your guide to an unusual solar eclipse

View it naked. In public.

Alzheimer's drug to carry new warning label

But will patients remember to read it?

Plan To Shoot Wild Cats Hissed

Plan To Shoot Wild Dogs Arfed

Hans Christian Anderson Turns 200

Dick Clark Wants Secret To Freakishly Long Life

Addicted To Food?

Well, Yes. I Don't Think That Life Would Be Sustainable Without It...but i'm just a food-junkie, don't listen to me.

Modern Day Willy Wonkas

Should Not Be Allowed Around Children

Pet Lovers Finding Love Online

And I Thought People That Visited My Site For Veggie Porn Were Sick....

Error Puts Strippers on Public Access TV

Error?!? I Spent WAY Too Much Time on That Hack To Be Written Off As An Error!!!!

Energized Clinton Gets AIDS Award

Drug-Using Horndog Former President Clinton Glad He Is Not AIDS Recipient

i think i should end this post before i become a mean and insulting blogger.

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