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Friday, May 20, 2005

Headlines 5-20-05

MPs vote to lift Boston's Indian ban

Cleveland fans glad that Military Police decided to intervene

Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Who Will Win the Next Videogame Battle?

The Kid With the Fastest Thumbs, Of Course

First Look: Netscape's Two-Headed Browser

Microsoft to Counter With Browser Having Seven Heads, and Ten Horns, and Upon Each Head a Golden Crown....

Google launches Desktop Search for business users

'Booble' launches similar service for porn users

Hilton profits dip, sees betting growth

Hilton plans to release new video, hopes to see growth in other areas



All about fun on 'Idol'

Until Moses returned

Trump hires first female 'Apprentice'

Was hoping for an 'intern', but will make do with what he has

Bo knows a cappella

Mafia ties got him in the finals
Former athlete finds new career

Fox in search of stability

Mexican President looking for 'serious relationship'

Troops capture Uzbek rebel chief

Vader can't wait to try the Interrogation Droid on him

Secret US, N Korea talks fail

Unnamed source says "Seems that we just weren't speaking the same language"

FBI: Georgia Grenade Was Threat to Bush

MLB:Columbus Catfish could be threat to Giants

Social Security roadshow losing its luster

Decreases value, according to Antiques Roadshow

Court hints at lighter Khodorkovsky sentence

Court feels that having 'Dork' in the middle of your last name is enough punishment

what? you want more? well, ok. some people can never have enough punishment.

Scientists Unveil Earthquake Forecast

Hope It's As Accurate As *cough, snicker* Weather Forecast

Google revs its engines to show where it may be headed

Google to enter NASCAR in order to attract more White Trash Wednesday fans

TDK does 100 GB capacity Blu-ray discs

Then rolls over and goes to sleep....Blu-ray discs disappointed, wanted to cuddle with TDK afterward

well, hope you liked it.

let me know!

that is all.