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Saturday, May 21, 2005

To all My Loyal Fans...

Saturday's installment of my headlines can be found at basil's blog

he asked me to guest-host at his site while he is away, but i'm sure that you know that already, since everyone that doesn't arrive here via basil's site eventually stops by via Moe or Dane.

it's kinda nice to play in a Primate's house, if only for a weekend...


Typepad is experiencing some problems at this time. i am unable to login. fortunately, i thought ahead (as per recommendations from my blog-dad) and saved the headline post in a notepad file. i hope to post it there, just for the thrill of posting my stuff on a blog that is in the top 100, but if all else fails, my loyal readers, i will have to resort to posting it here.

or, maybe i'll post it on both blogs....just to make sure someone reads it!