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Sunday, June 05, 2005

New Headline Funny! 6-05-05

Dean: West Fertile Ground for Democrats

However, Democrats are Afraid of Screwing the Environment

Taiwan test fires 1st cruise missile

Tom is proud to have new Taiwanese missile named after him, hopes it isn't a "bomb"

Teeter-totter job growth

"Power Lunches" are giving way to "Power Recesses"

Wal-Mart Moving Upscale

Will Raise Prices on Goods Made by Children in 3rd World Countries to Compete With Kmart, Martha Stewart

"Cinderella Man" Takes Manhattan

Looks To Take Over San Francisco Next

'Breakfast Club' Cast Reunites on MTV

Now call themselves the 'Supper Club'

Cole points finger at Dein

Says "He's the one that had the bean burrito for lunch, not me!"

High voltage power lines could cause leukemia: Study

Study also admits electrocution is another danger of high-voltage power lines

A Good Laugh May Help Shed Extra Weight

Yet another reason to visit my site! (and basil's, Moe's, and Dane's sites as well.)

and that concludes tonight's headlines.

sorry for the short post, but tourist season has begun in my little town, so i'm worn out from work.

see y'all tomorrow!