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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Headline Funny for 6-04-05

Israel uses sound technology to disperse riot

Played Cyndi Lauper, Madonna cds at full blast until rioters got disgusted and left

Will Webmasters Move to .xxx?

Many Porn Enthusiasts Hope So

Red Hat Frees Fedora to the Fedora Foundation

Fedora is Happy to be Released by It's Evil Communist Captors, Thanks Foundation for Help

This week in Microsoft

More buggy, unsecure software is being created

T. Rex Specimen's Leg Bones Show Gender, Link to Birds

Scientists Now Believe Male T-Rexes Would Say "Look At The Legs On That Chickadee"

Now it's in the jurors' hands

Michael Jackson wishes it were still in his hand

Britney writes poem about honeymoon

Plans to release it along with honeymoon video

Scientists put trust in a bottle

Brewers have been putting beauty in a bottle for centuries

Test vaccine eases shingles pain: Merck

Shingles say that they barely even noticed that they were being nailed onto a roof, thank Merck

U.S. Confirms Gitmo Soldier Kicked Quran

Soldier Credits Quran Patches for Helping Him Give Up Habit

AP: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

Non-Intelligent Call Them "Future Insurgents"

Fatah gunmen block Gaza road to Egyptian border

Skinnyah gunmen were not able to block road

Jackson jurors begin weighing fate of pop star

Whatever the verdict is, someone will soon be having sex with a man against their will

New, smaller post-referendum French government gets to work

Top items on their agenda: Find new ways to surrender, and smell worse than ever before

Heat Puts Hurt on Pistons

Improperly Cooled Engine Nearly Explodes

Naming of Cox to SEC Gets Mixed Reception

SEC likes "Mr. Happy", "John Henry", but balks at "Captain Winky" and "The Amazing Trouser Trout"

bad headline rule has been called by the ump.

Dodgers Hit New Low

Just When I Thought They Couldn't Get Any Lower.....

Why Americans are on the road again

Canada just opened it's borders to Liberals

Restaurant Serves Food in Toilet Bowls

Patrons Say "That's Some Good S**t"
In This Fast-Paced World, Restauranteur Seeks to Eliminate One Step In the Dining Experience (bad pun intended, btw!)

well, that's the news for tonight! for more headline humor, check out basil, Moe, and Dane.

that is all.