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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bummer Day...

today started out fine, decent weather, day off, etc., but when i jumped into my beat-up, rusty, ugly but always faithful little pickup and drove to the local supermarket (about 4 miles from my house), it refused to start for the drive home.

it tried, the starter solenoid clicked, the headlights worked, but the battery just didn't have the juice to get the motor running.

three kind strangers offered their help, and their car batteries' current to help me and my groceries get home. and all to no avail. one guy even happened to have a spare battery cable terminal (my negative was loose, and not able to be tightened any more) and even put in on the cable for me.

and each time that these kind people jump-started my truck, after i thanked them profusely for their trouble and they drove away, the engine died, and wouldn't restart. i finally ended up calling my step-dad, and he gave me and my dinner a ride home.

two hours spent in a supermarket parking lot, looking at 50 to 80 bucks for a new battery (the one in my truck is a 60 month battery installed in August 2000...guess that just might be the problem..:p) and hoping that i don't need a new alternator.

the truck is still there, until tomorrow when i can get the battery and put it in, and drive it home. then test the alternator...

on top of that, i scanned the headlines and couldn't find anything funny to report to my loyal readers.

or maybe i'm just not in the right mood to find funny.

check back tomorrow. i just might be feeling funny then.