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Friday, June 03, 2005

Headline News....6-02-05

'Deep Throat' Revealed

As if Linda Lovelace had anything left to reveal

Pearland boy gets another shot at bee

Bee dodges BB again

Spitzer telescope witnesses massive stars' birth: NASA

Spitzer invents telescope that can look into the past, sees birth of O'Donnell

Slater denies sexual abuse charge

Hopes that Jackson trial ends soon, needs lawyer with no scruples

Snoop Accused of Show Smackdown

Defense says: "He was Frizzamed!"

Woodward and Bernstein, Dynamic Duo, Together Again

Bruce Wayne and Richard Graysons' true names revealed

Calif. Boy Weaves a Perfect Spell

Damn Wiccan Hippies...

Powder in parliament package

Parliament powders it's package so it doesn't chafe

Red tide continues spread down New England coast

Blue tide demands recount

Australians save more than 100 stranded whales

Rosie, and more than 99 others on food-tour bus thank Aussies for bringing gasoline

Doctors Successfully Separate Legs of 'Mermaid Baby'

They Give Her a Bath After Surgery, and She Grows a Fish Tail Again

Montana T-rex skeleton yields clues to dinosaur anatomy

They were huge, and had big, sharp teeth

That's one small snip for mankind . . .

Kerry has a vasectomy

‘Trust’ Hormone Identified

Hillary wants the secret to further her political career, Bill wants it for "undisclosed purposes"

Syria Test-Fires Scud Missiles

Finds that they are still as accurate as they were when built in the 50's by the Russians

For Some, a Return Home; for Others, No Home to Go To

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. and sometimes is held by Vegas until you can pay.

CDC Chief Backs Away From Report On Obesity

Was Too Fat to Sit at Table Where Report Was Placed

Aircraft Noise may Affect Children's Learning


China dissatisfied with new trade limits

Wants to keep bombarding US with even more cheap, poorly-made goods

Fossilized T. rex was young female, scientists believe

Are still not sure, since most scientists have not seen a young female after they made their career choice

well, on that note, i'm outta here!

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