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Saturday, September 17, 2005

More News! 9-17-05

Iranian president: No 'nuclear apartheid'

Black atoms tired of riding in the back of bus

California Republicans rally around Schwarzenegger

All five of us still support him

Sharon, Abbas to meet early October

Ozzy plans to stay home, claims members of Swedish pop band are too wimpy to handle the Prince of Bleeping Darkness' presence

Oil prices fall on weak demand

Weak demand is pinned, oil prices win match

More strong Katrina-like hurricanes reported

Sadly, Bush will be blamed

Google Goes in Search of Blogs

Hopefully my blog can still be found!

Supermodel 'admits cocaine use'

Oh, so THAT'S how they stay so skinny...I thought it was all about purging....

well, on that note, i will end headlines...

hope i made you laugh!

thanks, and come back soon!