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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Baseball Is Almost Here!

and i can't wait! the Giants are looking strong, even without their number 1 powerhitter, and i have a good feeling about this season.

but then again, i always have a good feeling about every season.

i really, really like baseball. this last off season has been worse than usual, since i normally have the Niners to fall back on for sports entertainment, but if you followed last football season at all, you'd know what i mean.

i just feel sorry for Arizona. imagine being the only team in the league that lost to the 49ers. twice.

enough about football. it's a secondary sport in my opinion. baseball is, after all, America's sport (and please, no wisecracks about it being nothing but modified cricket and that basketball was the only sport invented here in America).

baseball is ok on TV, actually a bit better on the radio, if the color guy is funny, but nothing beats sitting in one of those cramped little stadium seats, trying to balance a 6 dollar hot dog, a 7 dollar beer, and keeping the glove on in case a foul ball comes flying at your head.

now, that's baseball.

i'm still waiting for an email from my uncle, who buys season tickets every year, letting me know which games are available. he'd be my favorite uncle, except for the little fact that he's a Democrat. and a lawyer....but he buys season tickets, so that almost makes up for his shortcomings.

so i'll buy the tickets, and then go to the games with my Republican uncle. or my little bro...

i've been to at least two games every season since Pac BellSBC park opened, and i have yet to see a loss when my little bro and i go to a game. hmmm....maybe i should write to the Giants' front office and mention that, and try to work them for season tickets for the two of us, plus a nice salary to be the official good luck charm. baseball people are mighty superstitious, maybe they'd go for it!

probably not.

i'll be glued to my TV set on Tuesday, and expect more Giants blog posts in the near future. i hope that they're full of crowing, and not whining.

that's all for now!