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Monday, May 23, 2005

Headlines 5-23-05

Google Searches Its Soul

Finds It Has No Soul

Apple Recalls Batteries, Again

Clockwork Orange Points at Apple and Laughs

Hyundai opens Alabama home

Says "Sweet!"

Download your brain onto a computer

As if I don't spend too much time online already....

Jackson child abuse trial is nearing end

Somebody known only as "Bubba" will soon be nearing Jackson's end

Bald men can blame mum!

Especially if their mother was bald, too

Israel, Arabs agree to save Dead Sea

Should be agreeing to save Live People

Gates Warns on Information Overload

Seeks To Stop Microsoft Consumers From Being Informed That His Products Suck

Species declining faster than ever, says international biodiversity study

French say" *chomp* *munch* *glorp* *buuuuuuuurp!* Why are you looking at us?"

Video game makers seek more fun

Are bummed to learn that Mustang Ranch has closed since the last time that they went outside

Rifaximin protects against Montezuma's revenge

Montezuma upset, vows to defeat Riflaximin with his superior 'Dung-Fu'
yes, bad. very bad.

Bowel cancer test often misses the mark in women

Occasionally detects cervical cancer when it does miss the mark

it's headlines like the last one that make me wish i installed the "Read More" option on my blog. but, you all should know my bad headline policy by now.

and on that note, i will end this post.

let me know if i said anything that made you laugh, or if you de-linked me for the last one, please tell me politely.