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Saturday, May 21, 2005

While Typepad Is Down....

i'll bring the funny to my loyal fans!

screw that paid-for blogging software, blogger is working when typepad isn't!

Underwear photo spurs inquiry

Inquiry seeks to determine whether evil, insane dictators prefer tighty-whiteys over boxers

South Korea sends fertilizer to North Korea by land

Figured that that much bulls**t would be too heavy to fly

Afghan president 'shocked' by U.S. abuse report

Admits it was less unpleasant than being 'shocked' by car battery

Local Muslims say Quran will live on

Celine Dion's Muslim cousin plans to sing song about it

President Sends His Very Best

Men, Women, and Bombs to Iraq

Photos of Saddam stir up fierce debate

Is his reputation of being "the biggest prick in the Middle East" deserved?

Trade wars threaten world recession

Yoda says" Send a pair of Jedis, we must"

NASA Contest Seeks Oxygen From a Rock

In unrelated news, My Creditors Seek Blood From a Turnip

Going After the Accuser

Is Why Jacko is on Trial

Letourneau marries Fualaau

Child Molesters all around the world celebrate

Harper urged to soften image

Vows to never stop playing Motorhead and Black Sabbath tunes on his harp

well, that's the funny for tonight. i hope to put it up on basil's site sometime soon. maybe early tomorrow morning, or afternoon.

anyhoo, see y'all tomorrow.